Welcome to the official website of the Minerva Center!

The Minerva Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization. It has been working for military women and women veterans for more than 30 years ― since 1983. It provides support and assistance to everybody interested in the issues related to the problem of women and war: journalists, scholars, community activists, film producers, writers, etc. We are an independent foundation and do not act as advocates. Still, we are open to collaboration with every individual or organization that turns to us. One should also note that our center is funded from the money raised from the sales of books and periodicals and private donations only.

Our mission is to inform the society about heroic women who have devoted themselves to defending their compatriots and to help military women find a niche for themselves after they get retired. They have not been obliged to immolate themselves for the good of country, but they have resolved to take this risky and brave step, and in such a way they have provided us with the opportunity to keep on enjoying our peaceful life. No doubt, these women deserve credit and respect for their service. That’s why we make every effort to tell about them to the maximal number of children and adults.

At the very beginning we used printed media for our educational activities. So, we published two periodicals ― Minerva: Quarterly Report on Women and the Military and Minerva’s Bulletin Board. And in 1995 the latest mentioned was replaced by H-Minerva that was later, in 2007, changed to the Minerva Journal of Women and War.

But it is crucial to highlight that our sphere of action is not limited to publishing printed books and periodicals and issuing electronic materials only. We have also started a training program that helps veteran women to overcome the psychological problems, associated with the participation in military operations, including PTSD and MST. We both conduct training courses for those wounded and teach those interested to help others. See more information about that on the page Wounded Warrior Healers. So, if you are studying the issues related to the participation of women in wars or want to offer some assistance, feel free to contact the representatives of our center.