Exhaustive Answers To Essential Questions (FAQ)

Exhaustive Answers To Essential Questions

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Do generic medications take longer to have an effect than regular medications?

Generics sold at Trust Pharmacy are identical with the branded medications in all respects, including the onset timing. Regulating organizations like FDA make sure the generics would be as fast and as efficient as their branded counterparts.

What is the difference between generics and branded medications?

The difference between generics offered at our catalogs and branded medications is only how meds look like on surface and what additives they carry inside. Generics are manufactured in colors different from branded pills, the little flavor is added sometimes, or the inactive component is either added or removed from the pill’s package. Sometimes, the trademark regulations would not allow the generic pills to be on the market with the same color as the original branded pill, and manufacturers have to change the color of the coating without changing the active component.

How can I recognize scammers offering generics?

While online pharmacies have become increasingly popular in particular with patients seeking the treatment for erectile dysfunction, there are indeed a lot of scammers on the market. A potential consumer of generics is strongly recommended to trust only those pharmacy partners that have a good history of providing actual proven goods. Another tip: Don’t purchase medications online sold at unreasonably low prices. The prices offered in catalogs of Trust Pharmacy may seem slightly higher on average, but this is only because our company supplies the actual, proven, counterfeit-free medications.

Is there a money-back guarantee policy at Trust Pharmacy?

Yes, it is! Even if you have received a genuine medication from Trust Pharmacy but it didn’t work, do not worry. We care about your loyalty and your money and ensure you that money back is 100 percent guaranteed. Just address our sales support team, and they will arrange for you a money-back procedure.

What should Viagra users need to know before taking the pill?

Generic Viagra and similar medications work as sexual amplifiers. You first need to have a desire to perform a sexual activity, an excitement, and only then you should take a Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra pill. That is why medical specialists recommend taking Viagra around one hour prior to the already pre-planned sexual intercourse.

Do Viagra pills always work?

Incredible as it sounds, they do in the majority of the cases. If you want to have sex, but can’t, you take a Viagra and it works like magic. Generic medications like Viagra showed the most successful results among all the proven to treat erectile dysfunction. The success is observed in most cases if the directions are followed.

Are Viagra and other generic medications free of side effects?

No medication can be without a side effect. Medical studies have shown only very mild Viagra side effects; all of them are very short term. Among observed side effects is face flushing, slight headache, upset stomach, slight nausea at times. However, these side effects are observed only with a very low percentage of men who took pills. There are practically no men who discontinued using Viagra and other pills for erectile dysfunction treatment because of side effects.

How to use generic pills properly?

There are some keys to use these generic pills successfully. These pills are amplifiers, they are not magic pills. If you take Viagra and go watch a soccer game, you will not have an erection, unless you love soccer so much. Another key to successful administering, is taking pills when you have an empty stomach. Do not take pills after a meal. Studies show that some variations of the ED-treatments pills, such as Cialis professional can be taken at any time, regardless of the time the last meal has been taken. There is no food interaction revealed as far as Cialis professional is concerned. Consult directions for the particular medication you are taking. It is observed that pills for ED treatment may not work first several times. Do not get discouraged if your Viagra or Cialis do not work one or two times. If it is a genuine pill, it should work after one or two consecutive takings.

What can cause erectile dysfunction?

Causes of erectile dysfunction are commonly broken down into organic and psychogenic.

Organic causes can be connected to:

  • Vascular problems;
  • Arterial and venous problems, clogging of arteries, etc. The blood flow to the genital area is decreased. It is crucial to keep one’s cholesterol levels under 150 mg/ dl in order to have a proper blood supply;
  • Neurogenic dysfunctions;
  • Hormonal problems;
  • Drugs and/or medications-induced problems;
  • Enlarged prostate complications.

Psychogenic causes can be divided into a variety psychiatric conditions, such as borderline personality disorder, clinical depression, anxiety disorders. As a matter of fact, almost any psychiatric condition can have erectile dysfunction as one of its consequences. Another subgroup of these causes is psycho-social and relationship problems. Lack of attraction to your mate can cause erectile dysfunction. Also simple stress can bring your sexual libido down, which, in its turn, will surely affect your sexual performance.

How do Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra and other ED pills work in my system?

Essentially, these medications make the breakdown of cGMP slow down. CGMP, or Cyclic guanosine monophosphate, is a chemical that is largely responsible for sustaining an erection by way of making blood vessels dilate. This way, overall blood flow to the genitalia is improved and erectile dysfunction is successfully dealt with.