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The MINERVA Center, Inc. began its book publication program in 1993.We currently have three titles in print and plan to expand our booklist as soon as funds become available. Many outstanding manuscripts inthe field of women’s military studies have trouble finding mainstreampublishers. Feminist presses dislike military topics, and militarypresses dislike women in military roles.

Although MINERVA cannot publish as many books as we would like to, theCenter supports writers, small presses and self-publishers working onmanuscripts dealing with women in war or women and the military. Tell us about your books! Wanda E. Pomykalski, 
The Horror Trains:A Polish Woman Veteran’s Memoir of World War II
ISBN: 0-9634895-4-2
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An inspiring story of patriotism, courage, and endurance. After enduringcaptivity in Soviet prisons, Wanda became a woman soldier, assigned as clerk typist with the Polish forces in Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Egypt and Italy where she served just 40 kilometers from the front lines at the historic battle for Monte Cassino in May 1944.

Books By Linda GRANT DE PAUW

Linda Grant De Pauw,Baptism of Fire (Pasadena, Md.: The MINERVA Center,1993)
ISBN 096348950X
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If you’ve longed for a novel with a woman Navy hero in the tradition of Horatio Hornblower and Jack Aubrey, you will love this swashbuckling tale. Telepathic aliens, pirates, epidemic diseases, and chronic conflict amongst members of the impressed crew complicate the challenge of command in space as a young woman officer confronts her Baptism of Fire.

Lauren Cook Burgess, ed.,An Uncommon Soldier: The Civil War Letters ofSarah Rosetta Wakeman, Alias Lyons Wakeman, 153rd Regiment, New York State Volunteers(Pasadena, Md.: The MINERVA Center, 1994)
ISBN 0963489518
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A unique collection of letters from a woman who served as a Union soldier covering her experiences from her enlistment to her death during the Red River campaign in 1864.

C. Kay Larson,‘Til I Come Marching Home: A Brief History of American Womenin World War II (Pasadena, Md.: The MINERVA Center, 1995)
ISBN 0963489526

Donna M. Dean,Warriors Without Weapons: The Victimization of Military Women

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