Shipping Methods and Insurance at Trust Pharmacy

We offer prompt delivery, and we know how to make it fast and discreet. Unfortunately, we still don’t have the possibility to deliver goods to some of the countries. Nevertheless, we are constantly developing to make our service accessible worldwide. If you want to know more about worldwide access to our services, get in touch with our team members. Our contact information at the bottom of the page.

Shipping Methods

Trust Pharmacy offers two basic delivery methods: Airmail for the worldwide distribution and Express Courier Delivery within the borders of the United States of America.

Airmail Delivery Express Courier Delivery
  • You’ll have to wait for about 20 days;
  • The delivery is carried out internationally;
  • It’s cheap – you’ll have to pay about $15.
  • It’s the fastest way to get your order – takes about two weeks;
  • The delivery is controlled by the courier through all stages;
  • It may be pricey for you because it costs about $25;
  • You’ll also have to pay an additional charge to be able to track the parcel on your own;
  • It works only within the borders of the US;
  • The delivery time can be scheduled.

Consider the following:

  • We send powerful PE and ED meds, as well as numerous effective general healthcare treatments. Each of them has certain preservation rules. In case if you don’t manage to get the parcel out of your mailbox in time thus spoiling the medication, we bear no responsibility for that. Most of our pills need certain temperature and climatic conditions to stay effective. We pack your pills and keep the contents of the parcel safe only for the time of the delivery. Make sure you’re at home when your order is delivered.
  • Be prepared to wait for your parcel a bit more than it’s indicated on our website in case if you live in remote, rural areas. We’ll do our best to make the goods in your parcel stay safe from damage and deterioration on the way to your home.
  • We will have to postpone the delivery in case if it turns out that a product you need is out of stock. It may happen in case if one of our suppliers delays the delivery.
  • If one of our suppliers demanufactures a medication that you need, we will not be able to complete your order. You’ll get your full refund immediately. However, situations like this are almost impossible because we constantly monitor the activity of the companies we cooperate with.

Shipping Insurance

We offer a convenient additional service that will help you protect the contents of your parcel no matter what happens to it on the way. In case if you pay an extra fee for the insurance, we’ll bear full responsibility for the safety of your treatments. Even if you don’t get your drugs for some reason, we will resend them for free any time you need.